Mini Fashion Haul

Hey, gestern war ich etwas shoppen, habe mir nicht all zu viel geholt weil ich kaum was gefunden habe und wir hier nicht all die besten Läden haben :D Wenn ich richtig shoppen möchte dann muss ich schon nach Dortmund und co. Gott sei dank haben wir hier aber H&M was zu meinen Lieblingsläden zählt :)

Hey, yesterday I was a little shopping, i don´t buy too much because I found not much stuff  and we do not have all the best shops here : D If I really want to go shopping then I have go to Dortmund and co. Thank God we have  H & M here which is one of my favorite stores  :)

Diese traumhafte gold/grüne Kette ist ebenfalls von C&A, ebenfalls im Sale und hat 3€ gekostet.

This beautiful gold / green chain is also from C & A, also on sale and has cost 3 €.

Diese schönen Ohrringe sind von C&A, ich liebe sie <3 , sie waren im Sale und haben 2€ gekostet.

These beautiful earrings are from C & A, I love them <3, they were on sale and have cost € 2.

Diese schwarze Leggins ist von H&M und hat, denke ich, ca. 15€ gekostet.

This black leggings is from H & M cost, i think, about 15 €.

Ich benutze diese Shorts und dieses Basic Top zum Sport!
Beides ist von H&M,
 die Shorts hat ca. 5€ gekostet und das Basic Top ca. 7€.

I use these shorts and this basic top for the Gym!
Both are from H & M,
 the shorts has cost about 5 € and the Basic top about 7 €.


H&M New Icons - Collection

Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld, Joan Smalls und Liu Wen were the Inspiration for the H&M New Icons Collection.

Amazing Basics !
leather boots - 100€
Bracelet with beads - 6€
Bag - 40€
Jacket - 40€
leather Boots - 80€
vest - 50€

black chain - 10€

white chain - 10€

belt - 15€

hat - 15€

skirt - 15€

statement necklace - 15€

blouse - 30€

bracelet - 7€

shorts - 10€

leather bag - 80€

tunic - 15€

leather jacket - 149€

Skirt with lace  - 20€
Tanktop - 10€

T-Shirt - 25€

Logo-Shirt - 8€

I love the Collection , its a chilly streetstyle look + Glam ! The Girls are an Inspiration for me, the most Lindsey Wixson, she´s beautiful and an amazing Model, i love her on the runway and her lovely and amazing pictures. I am a fashion lover and H&M is one of my favourite stores ever . I love to shop´ there, cause the clothes are amazing and i am so excited for the "New Icons - Collection " can´t wait <3


Haul - Fashion/Beauty

Hello, i got some stuff the last one week and i wanna show you all what i got :*


This lovely red/wine colored blazer i got from H&M - i don´t know the original price, but i was on sale and it  was only 15€ .

The Original detangling Hairbrush

- Tangle Teezer , cares for you hair you wear -

I love this brush .I got it from Müller/ Germany. But you can get i EVERYWHERE! :*

cream blush

the cream blush is by essence - Oz the Great and Powerful

01 beware the wicked witch

 i love fake eyelashes :D  *.*
I buy it i an China Shop in Zlotow/Poland and it was only 50cent i think :D

eyeshadow palette

meis cosmetics 

china shop in Zlotow/Poland . 

beautiful colors - only 2.25€ i think :P

lipbalm + lipstick

1. Classic Carmex - Moisturising lip balm - LOVE IT <3 from Müller/Germany , ca.2€
2. Vitamin+Balm intensive care - from a Polish Shop , i don´t know the name anymore. ca. 25cents
3. red lipstick , so beautiful - from the china shop in Zlotow/Poland , 50cents



I love this bag so much , my favourite. You an get it everywhere, where bags are :D :D :D - 65€


pink, rosé, blue, pink/light red, black-glitter ! Love them ! 

Pink - chillout, 1 € .
Rosé - CR Cairuo - 1€ - china shop in Zlotow/Poland
Blue - 1€ ,mini shop in Zlotow/Poland
pink/light red - 1€, mini shop in Zlotow/Poland
black - 1€, mini shop in Zlotow/Poland

Earrings + Rings

the lovely earring on the top i got from H&M/Germany - 6€
the ring on the left i got in the china shop for 2€
the earrings in the middle i also got from the china shop for 2.25€
the mustache ring i got from a polish market in Zlotow/Poland for ca. 3€


I got these babies from Deichmann - 24.90€ - LOVE THEM !