Haul - Fashion/Beauty

Hello, i got some stuff the last one week and i wanna show you all what i got :*


This lovely red/wine colored blazer i got from H&M - i don´t know the original price, but i was on sale and it  was only 15€ .

The Original detangling Hairbrush

- Tangle Teezer , cares for you hair you wear -

I love this brush .I got it from Müller/ Germany. But you can get i EVERYWHERE! :*

cream blush

the cream blush is by essence - Oz the Great and Powerful

01 beware the wicked witch

 i love fake eyelashes :D  *.*
I buy it i an China Shop in Zlotow/Poland and it was only 50cent i think :D

eyeshadow palette

meis cosmetics 

china shop in Zlotow/Poland . 

beautiful colors - only 2.25€ i think :P

lipbalm + lipstick

1. Classic Carmex - Moisturising lip balm - LOVE IT <3 from Müller/Germany , ca.2€
2. Vitamin+Balm intensive care - from a Polish Shop , i don´t know the name anymore. ca. 25cents
3. red lipstick , so beautiful - from the china shop in Zlotow/Poland , 50cents



I love this bag so much , my favourite. You an get it everywhere, where bags are :D :D :D - 65€


pink, rosé, blue, pink/light red, black-glitter ! Love them ! 

Pink - chillout, 1 € .
Rosé - CR Cairuo - 1€ - china shop in Zlotow/Poland
Blue - 1€ ,mini shop in Zlotow/Poland
pink/light red - 1€, mini shop in Zlotow/Poland
black - 1€, mini shop in Zlotow/Poland

Earrings + Rings

the lovely earring on the top i got from H&M/Germany - 6€
the ring on the left i got in the china shop for 2€
the earrings in the middle i also got from the china shop for 2.25€
the mustache ring i got from a polish market in Zlotow/Poland for ca. 3€


I got these babies from Deichmann - 24.90€ - LOVE THEM !



  1. Toller Haul! Der Blazer ist echt schick, und ich wusste gar nicht das es tangle teezer bei Müller gibt :o
    Liebst, Lalu

    1. Danke :) Ja ich auch nicht, habs zufällig gesehen und musste es sofort kaufen, weil ich den unbedingt haben wollte :) LG :)